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Dating: 20s vs. 30s

Since you’re on this website, you probably already agree that being single is not that bad. In fact, it can be pretty damned awesome. However, dating when you’re in your early 20s and dating in your late 20s or, even better, early 30s, are two very different kinds of fairy tales. Or at least that’s what I suspected…  ...

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Hot Spot: Glacier Zizi, Uccle

It’s unlikely that you will discover Zizi Ice Cream by randomly walking passed it in the street. Located in Uccle, in the commercial area of the Vanderkinderen street, it’s far from the center or any of the main tourist attractions. Yet, Zizi Glacier is quite the landmark in Brussels and one of the go-to places if you’re  ...

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Crash Course on Selfies

We’ve all occasionally indulged in the guilty pleasure of selfies. It’s a ridiculous act, to be publicly condemned, and yet everybody from Meryl Streep to Ellen DeGeneres is doing it, so we can’t deny there is some sort of universal appeal to this. With Instagram and Snapchat as the preferred outlets for posting photos of  ...

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Easy 7-Day Spring Detox That Anybody Can Do

Easter has come and gone and with it the first half of spring has pretty much ended, starting the countdown for summer, beaches and holidays. Some of you may have survived this weekend of festivities without too much damage to your waistline, but others, myself included, may have indulged in excessive family meals, treats, and more than a few  ...

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